SAIPRO is one of the leading trading contracting & engineering company located in Qatar having good venture related to engineering works with cost effective and innovative creation. We provides trading and engineering services in the area of civil engineering and mechanical engineering. A wide range of satisfied clients including Multinational contracting companies, Aviation, Oil companies in the range of both public and private sector and individuals.

Our high qualified engineers with track record in engineering practice with local and international companies both in Qatar and throughout the middle east countries. They are supported by a team of experienced engineers and associated professionals with wide experience on different projects.


Our aim is to maintain our position as a customer friendly company as well as the environment friendly. In our vision customer must be consider as a king of everything that we do and which is focused on improving the performance, while this way of thinking defines the guideline for the benefit of all SAIPRO Customer.



To maintain working relationship and personal attention between engineers and client. We will associate with the client to determine the most economic and mind glowing system for their needs.